Supporting trusted adults in their response to the disclosures made by young victims of crime

They have opened up to you, do you know what to do next?


How to handle and respond to sensitive disclosure

Learn how to support young person victims of crime


what is second hand trauma and how to manage it

Discover self-help tips to protect your own wellbeing


wellbeing support and resources

Resources to support you through difficult experience

There are over 360,000 young victims of crime in London every year…

…Only 3 out of 10 report it

Listen, Support, Empower

Trusted Youth Allies is a movement dedicated to creating a safe and supportive environment for young people who have experienced crime by building a network of trusted adults.

Our mission is to ensure young victims of crime in London feel listened to, supported, and empowered.

We provide trauma-informed training for any adult, whether they are a parent/carer, youth professional, or a community leader so they can respond to young people who have experienced crime in a safe and informed way.

Trusted Adults and Youth Allies

Someone who receive sensitive disclosure from young people and who offers informal wellbeing support. A trusted adult can be a parent, a neighbour or a youth professional including teachers. 

Training and Resources


Free trauma informed training for adults


8 grounding techniques


4 breathing exercises that feel amazing

A free training for adults to support london’s young victims of crime

Build confidence to better respond when a young person opens up

Not every victim of crime decides to report their experience to the police. Because of this, they remain under the radar and don’t receive the support available. But what do most victims have in common? They open up to someone they trust. Whether you are a parent, a neighbour or a teacher, build your confidence in responding to sensitive disclosure with our free training.

Learn self-help techniques to manage second-hand trauma

Hearing first hand the traumatic experience a young person went through can be difficult to process. It is important to provide a safe space for both the ones who speak up and for the ones who listen. Learn how to manage second hand trauma with our free training.

“I think the breakdown and the defining of certain words and terminology was fantastic”
training participant

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