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how does a trauma-informed approach work

Brain development impact by trauma

Understanding the effects of trauma on a person's mental, emotional, and physical health

Trusted adult supporting someone

Helps the adult be the safe and trusted adult that can be confided in

Self care woman<br />

Supports with second-hand trauma

– from a training participant – 

I learnt a lot about the different types of trauma. Compassion fatigue, vicarious trauma etc which I never knew before this session.

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what you will learn


Understanding issues faced by young people today


Simple ways to validate feelings and experience


How to deal with a victim's disclosure


Understanding adolescent brain functioning


Increasing self-awareness and recognising your own limits


Practice grounding techniques for you and the young people you support

who is the training for


Parents and carers


Youth workers


Youth professionals



Training youth professionals and adults across London


Trusted Youth Allies delivers training across London including the boroughs of Lambeth, Southwark, Newham, Enfield and Croydon.

We also offer online training. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the training about

The training is focused on equipping trusted adults in supporting young people that have been victims of crime.

Who is this training for?

The training and resources would be beneficial for most individuals who work closely with young people. This includes school teachers, youth workers, pastoral teams, social workers, youth justice services, community figures, faith groups, parents, and carers. 

What will the training cover?

The training will cover many aspects, including active listening, emotional support, and guidance skills. The training will be divided into two parts, the first will focus on how to handle sensitive information and the angle of approach, and the second one will focus on second hand trauma.

Will this cost me anything?

The training is completely FREE.

Where will the training sessions be held?

We are flexible and can attend any venue that is accessible by those receiving the training. Although in person sessions are most effective, online sessions are available.

How many people will be in the training session?

The training will be delivered to small groups, no more than 12 individuals by our Community Therapeutic Support Facilitator

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